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An agile, cost-effective modeling, design and management platform that accelerates and integrates Software, Business and Systems development.

Twice winner of Jolt and multiple SD Times Awards with an installed base of 300,000+ licenses, supported by 230 partners in 160 countries. From requirements to implementation and beyond, Sparx Systems' Enterprise Architect is a fully featured tool suite that lets you model, design, simulate, prototype, build, test, manage and trace from vision to solution.

  • Sparx Enterprise Architect is the best, most complete tool I've ever used.

    Richard Halter
    Global Retail Technology Advisors, LLC
    Precise and Effective Modelling
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Engineer code in 10+ Languages
  • Fast and Intuitive Interface
  • Prototyping and Simulation
  • Debug and Visualize Applications
  • Visualize and design XSD and WSDL
    Exceptional Value
  • Define Digital Strategy
  • Align Business Strategy and IT
  • Derive Outcomes from Architectures
  • Unlock Corporate Information Silos
  • Extend the IT Performance Profile
    Take Control of your project
  • Requirements Management
  • Mind Mapping
  • Complete Traceability: Design to Deployment
  • Integrate with Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • Project Management and Gantt Charts
  • Testing, Resource Tracking, Maintenance
  • Enterprise Architect has always been and still is our modeling tool of choice.

    Sander Hoogendoorn
    Capgemini Technology Services

News & Events

Enterprise Architect 11.1 Released!
Sparx Systems is proud to announce the release of Enterprise Architect 11.1

Sparx Systems Honoured for Innovation and Industry Leadership
SD Times has just-unveiled the 2014 SD Times Top 100, listing Sparx for the sixth consecutive year.

CSIRO Collaborates with Sparx Systems
CSIRO signs commercialization deal with Sparx Systems for the development of geospatial modelling tools.

IATA PADIS Adopts EA for Standards Development
Enterprise Architect is selected to help develop and maintain industry models for Airlines

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Multi-Award Winning Platform

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Enterprise Architect Editions

Enterprise Architect Editions

Corporate - Supports large, collaborating teams with security and remote DBMS access

Professional - Full featured UML modeling for workgroups, analysts and developers

Desktop - Comprehensive UML modeling tool for individual analysts

Extended Suite Editions

Ultimate - The complete Enterprise Architect experience across multiple domains!

Systems Engineering - For systems engineering, real-time and embedded development

Business and Software Engineering - For business modeling, architecture, development and more

Colin Coates

Author Spotlight

Colin Coates
Dunstan Thomas

Colin joined Dunstan Thomas ALM to focus on delivering training and consulting for Enterprise Architect and has many years of experience as a software engineer. His latest article discusses enhancements to documentation in Enterprise Architect 11.

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Enterprise Architect 11.1

Version 11.1 is a significant milestone with hundreds of enhancements, new features, refinements and capabilities all designed to extend the modeling power, ease of use and standards compliance Enterprise Architect has championed over the last decade.

We encourage you to take a look and discover for yourself how Enterprise Architect 11.1 will revitalize and empower your models, designs, software, systems and business processes. Read More...

Unique in its ability to pull together complex domains and create a single, accessible, unified vision. Combines high end tools, a commitment to open standards, accessible pricing and online availability.

In domains such as health, utilities and astronomy to defence, global retail, banking and many more, Enterprise Architect has the proven ability to capture and control complexity and to play a trusted and pivotal role in delivering sound and high quality solutions. 

Tool of Choice

The tool of choice for thousands of organizations, government bodies and standards organizations worldwide. The capability and effectiveness of Enterprise Architect is demonstrated over and over again.

A Full Lifecycle Tool Suite

Based on open standards like UML, BPMN and SysML. Supporting enterprise architecture frameworks like TOGAF and UPDM. Integrated custom tools to analyze and visualize running software. Advanced simulation, testing tools, team based repositories, version control and more.

Capable of managing requirements, strategic models, analysis and process models. Develop and visualize software. Test and verify correct behavior. Simulate processes. Set and manage test points. Debug and inspect executing software.

Able to dynamically simulate behavior and state models. Confirm process design. Specify triggers, events, constraints and more. Watch the wheels turn! Specify complex and large structural systems. Create and debug embedded solutions. Build custom domain specific solutions. Build your own domain specific modeling tools!

Award Winning Tools

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect has won numerous accolades since its release in 2000. Including Four consecutive SD Times 100 awards as well as multiple Visual Studio Magazine and Jolt awards. Download the trial version today to see what all the excitement is about!

A truly global, multi-award winning platform that has been translated into many languages (including Chinese, Japanese, German, French and Spanish) and is the preference of international governments, global and local industries, and individuals alike. Read More...

Business\  Software\  Systems\


Achieve consistent results in the planning and management of your projects - manage complexity and trace from high level requirements to system delivery. Supported technologies include: Mind Mapping, Strategic Modeling, BPMN, TOGAF, the Zachman Framework and Eriksson-Penker Extensions.


Create accurate and complete systems. Support for over 10 programming languages, full lifecycle modeling and code generation. Visualize legacy applications. Record program execution and generate sequence diagrams. Debug and build. Complete testing framework based on xUnit and programming by contract philosophies.


For systems and software development professionals working on real-time, embedded and systems solutions. Leverage the power of technologies including UML, UPDM, SysML, DDS and Hardware Description Languages. Support for generating functional source code for State Machines as well as simulation of SysML constraint models.

Open Standards

Sparx Systems is committed to realizing the potential of model-driven development based on open standards and is trusted by leading standards bodies to develop and maintain their standards. Enterprise Architect has proven to be the ideal tool for defining a wide range of UML based standards that define the structure of information within a particular domain.

Some developing standards that Sparx Systems and Enterprise Architect are intimately involved in include:

Developing Standards

UnifiedPOS 2.0
IEC (TC 56 & 57)
ISO/TC 211


  • Sparx Enterprise Architect is the best, most complete tool I've ever used.

    - Richard Halter
  • To be honest, EA is a fantastic product... the price you charge is way below what it is worth!

    - Matt Ellis
    Solutions Reality
  • I love this tool. I've been more productive within the first 30 minutes of installing than I ever have with Visio.

    - Phil Boyd
    Sr. Sys. Consultant
  • I've used Enterprise Architect for years, and recommend it to my clients considering for UML modeling tools.

    - Keith McMillan
  • EA lets you describe the parts and pieces of what you want to build, and how they are interrelated.

    - Davide Marney
    Software Architect
  • I bought EA a few weeks ago after looking around for a UML tool and EA seemed to have it all - great functionality, rock bottom price.

    - Peter M Jones
    Systems Engineer
  • I would have to say that EA has one of the most comprehensive and exhaustive feature sets of any UML lifecycle tool at any price. The performance is fast and everything is conveniently located in a single interface.

    - Greg Hoover
    Technical Lead

Features at a glance

  • UML 2.4.1 based modeling
  • All 14 UML 2.x diagrams
  • Highly scalable repository
  • Team based modeling
  • Fast and intuitive interface
  • Stable and proven tools
  • Affordable. Fast download and install
  • Numerous technology extensions
  • BPMN, SysML, DDS
  • TOGAF, Zachman Framework and UPDM
  • Archimate, ArcGIS
  • Version control
  • Baselines, auditing and differencing
  • Simulation of Activity, State Machines and Sequence diagrams
  • Hand drawn and whiteboard modes for wire framing and draft diagrams
  • Rich API for building extensions
  • JScript, VBScript and JavaScript built in
  • Requirements Management
  • Full lifecycle Traceability matrix
  • Trace from requirements to delivery
  • Mind Mapping and Strategic Modeling
  • Alternate list based element editing
  • Process diagrams and simulation
  • Business Rules composer
  • Engineer Databases in 9+ formats
  • Design and Import Database Schema
  • Engineer Code in 10+ languages
  • C++/C, Java, .NET, PHP, ADA, GCC
  • Record and visually analyse executing applications
  • Profile native windows applications
  • Close integration between model and code
  • Model based intellisense code editor
  • Build, debug and verify applications
  • Reverse Engineer Java and .NET binaries
  • Executable language for specifying Web Service Interactions (BPEL)
  • User Interface Design profile
  • Visualize and engineer XSD and WSDL
  • Domain Specific modeling tools
  • Integrate with Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • SysML Parametric model simulation
  • Real-time, HDL Code Engineering and Profiles
  • State Machine, State Chart and State Table editing
  • Executable code generation from behavioral models
  • Math support built into Script Engines
  • ADA 2005 code engineering
  • SoaML, SOMF technology integration and MOF generation
  • Scalable, Team-based Repository
  • Transform model fragments and elements from one domain to another
  • Model Auditing and change tracking for team environments
  • Model Baseline differencing, merging and rollback
  • Subversion, MS SCC, TFS and CVS version control integration
  • Manage change with role based security
  • Team based review of model elements and discussion points
  • Extend the UML to build models in custom domains
  • Editable, script based shapes
  • Fast loading of HUGE models
  • XMI based import and export
  • Track Resources and Work assignments
  • Manage Maintenance
  • Track Testing and quality
  • WYSIWYG report template editor (RTF)
  • Save reports and diagrams directly to PDF
  • Web based reporting  (HTML)
  • Highly scalable DBMS repository
  • Most DBMS vendors supported
  • Automated license management
  • Floating licenses and server available
  • Assign resources and tasks
  • Gantt charts
  • Model based mail and perspectives
  • Much more...
  • View the full list of features

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