Pro Cloud Server

The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server opens your entire enterprise to your modeling efforts, enabling stakeholders to have secure access for discussion and review. An all new cloud based platform that dynamically transforms your Enterprise Architect models into live web based content for unlimited access locally on your own LAN or globally over the Internet.

Recent Features

This section lists the features of Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server, for the following builds:

For information relating to the history of other versions, select a version below.

Changes and fixes for Version 2.0 Build 15

  • WebEA
    • Sessions now timeout correctly
    • Added support to display/download images assets
    • Optimized the loading of discussion/review Avatars
  • Cloud Server
    • Embedded web server now accepts connections over IPv6
    • Embedded web server OpenSSL updated to 1.0.2l
    • Embedded web server now requires a TLS connection when 'REQUIRE_SSL' is enabled
    • Idle Service CPU usage reduced
    • Performance of large number of concurrent queries improved
    • SQL Server deadlock errors during query now detected and handled transparently to users
    • Warnings on failure to connect to database improved
    • Server startup will now always write header containing basic status information to log file
  • Management Client
    • DB Manager settings dialog now checks Server license state:
      • Disables Pro Cloud checkbox if user can't enable Pro Cloud for the database
      • Adds short description of why it is disabled
    • Add Database Connection dialog now accepts connections using a MariaDB driver
    • Main screen now shows server details

Changes and fixes for Version 2.0 Build 14

  • OSLC
    • Adjusted calls '/sp/' and '/login/' to return the Pro License edition and expiry date
    • Adjusted call '/login/' to also support lowercase UID and PWD parameters
  • WebEA
    • Added support for downloading stored documents, in Mozilla and Chrome
    • Added support for displaying container children in either Icon or List view
    • Package links on diagrams now open in Icon/List view
    • WebEA now checks if all required PHP modules are loaded and enabled

Changes and fixes for Version 2.0 Build 13

  • Pro Cloud Server
    • Initial release of Pro Cloud Server
    • Provides extended OSLC interface
    • Added keystore functionality (for future versions of Enterprise Architect)
  • WebEA
    • Expose your model as a website, allowing stakeholders to view and contribute to your model based on the limits you set
  • Cloud Management Client
    • Model list now provides more information about each of the configured models
    • Set explicit aliases for your models to override name determined by connection string
    • Restrict model access based on Enterprise Architect build
  • Other Changes
    • OpenSSL updated to 1.0.2j
    • Logging of models at startup improved
    • Firebird model usage improved to correct 'deadlock' error
    • Different error codes are now returned for model being unavailable or shut down
    • Performance improved for large updates (eg. Linked Documents and Baselines)