Import Image Library

Using the Image Library allows users of EA to create attractive diagrams with custom images. Sparx Systems now offers the a bundled clip art collection of UML based images as an Imported Image Library. Image Libraries allow the user to import a collection of images into the Image Manager in one simple to use process.

Note - Images contained within the Image Library are copyright of Sparx Systems and are only available for use when used in conjunction with EA and supplied on the basis that they will not be used under any other circumstance.

Image Library for use with Enterprise Architect version 4.1 build 732 (or later)
Image Library in XML format The image library allows users of EA to create attractive diagrams with the Sparx Systems Diagram Clip art Collections.
Image Library.xml Right click on hyperlink and select Save Target As (6.9 MB)
Image Library in .zip format The image Library allows users of EA to create attractive diagrams with first of the Sparx Systems Diagram Clip art Collections. Before using the Image Library in .zip format please unzip the contents to a suitable file location.
Image (2.5 MB)

Working with Image Library in Enterprise Architect

Importing an Image Library

To import an Image Library users will need a suitable Image Library file. To import an Image Library, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Project | Data Management | Import Reference Data option. The Import Reference Data dialog will open.
  2. Locate the XML Image Library file to import using the Select File button, The file name will be ImageLibary.xml in the directory which you saved the file to.
  3. Select the the data set containing the Image Library. Then press the Import button.


Using Image Library

To use the images contained within the Image Library use the following Instructions.

  1. Create a diagram that you wish to associate with the images contained in the Image Library.
  2. Select the element that you wish to change from the default appearance to one of the images contained from within the library.
  3. Press the Ctrl + Shift + W hotkey combination or right click the selected element to bring up its context menu and then from the Appearance submenu choose the Select Alternate Appearance Option.
  4. From the Image Manager dialog select the appropriate image by highlighting the image from the Name field and then press the OK button.

All images used in the Image Library have been designed and created exclusively for Sparx Systems by Newman Creative.