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Add Connectors

Connectors define specific relationships between specific elements, so you usually create them directly on the diagram by dragging the required relationship type from the Diagram Toolbox.  As for elements, the Toolbox automatically presents the connector or relationship types appropriate to the type of diagram.

Define a relationship between two model elements on a diagram



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Ensure that the Diagram Toolbox is visible.

To display the Diagram Toolbox, either:

Select Diagram | Diagram Toolbox or
Press Alt+5




Ensure that the diagram containing the elements to be connected, is open in the Diagram View.

To open the diagram, double-click on the diagram name in the Project Browser.

The selected diagram opens and the Toolbox is updated to display the categories of elements and relationships that are applicable to that diagram type.


Diagram View

Creating Elements on Diagrams


Click on the required connector in the Toolbox to select the type of connector to draw.

The connector type is highlighted in the Toolbox.




Click on the source element in the relationship, then drag across to the target element.

The selected connector is drawn between the two elements.

The connector Properties dialog displays.




Use the Properties dialog to define the characteristics of the connector as required.


Properties Dialog


Click on the OK button.

The Properties dialog closes.




If you are creating several connectors of one type, after creating the first just click on the appropriate source element and press F3 to create the next connector of that type
As you drag a connector, you can press Shift to create a bend in the connector; if necessary, you can put several bends in the connector line, pressing Shift every time you want to change direction
To roll back the bends, keep holding the left mouse button down and press Backspace as many times as is necessary
To find out more about the type of connector you have dragged on to a diagram, right-click on the connector and select the UML Help menu option, which displays a Help page on the connector type

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