Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Customize Command Sets

The Enterprise Architect User Interface has an extensive range of main menu and context menu options to support the work of many different user roles. Some of these menu options might not be necessary for the work you do; therefore, it is possible to show, hide and customize the menus in a Command Set, to tailor them to your specific work practices and responsibilities.

Access    View | Workspaces and Commands > Commands   or
View | Toolbars | Workspace Layouts: Wkspaces (Manage Workspaces) > Commands

Manage Command Sets



See also

Command Sets

List the available Command Sets (or roles).

The following predefined Command Sets are shown:

Complete - every menu option is visible
Essential UML - options for modeling with UML; more advanced options, such as for security and version control, are not visible
Business Modeling - menu options appropriate to modeling business structures and processes
Software Engineering - menu options for UML modeling, code generation and reverse engineering
Software Development - menu options for software engineering, plus commands for building and debugging code
System Engineering - menu options for real-time development, embedded development and behavioral model execution
Testing - menu options for writing and running tests, including integration with external unit testing frameworks
Project Management - menu options for managing a project, including resource and task tracking


These predefined Command Sets can be used as a template for creating new Command Sets.

To create or work on a command set, right-click on it in the Command Sets field and select from these context menu options:

Save - Save the modifications to the currently selected user-defined Command Set
Save As - Duplicate the selected Command Set
Delete - Delete the selected user-defined Command Set
Export - Export the selected user-defined Command Set to file
Import - Import a Command Set from an external file


The predefined Command Sets are protected from change, deletion and export.



Clear check boxes to hide menu commands

A full list of Enterprise Architect menus is shown. You can expand these menus to show the menu options, and the options of any submenus.

For each command set, the checkboxes against those menus, submenus and menu options that are to be hidden in the User Interface are not selected.

If you want to hide further options in your customized command sets, deselect the corresponding check box
To make menus and options available again, select the checkbox


Click on the Save As button to create a new user-defined Command Set based on your changes; provide a name for the Command Set.

Click on the Save button to save changes to an existing user-defined Command Set.




Click on this button to apply the currently-selected command set to the menus of the user interface, without closing the dialog.




Click on this button to apply the currently-selected command set to the menus of the user interface, and close the dialog.




Click on this button to discard changes to the command sets and close the dialog.