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Delete Connectors

It is possible to hide a connector on a diagram, or to delete it entirely from the model, removing the relationship between the previously connected elements.

Displaying all of the connectors on a complex diagram can make the diagram somewhat confused, so it can be useful to hide some of the connectors, to clarify a specific aspect of a more complex picture.

Hide or remove a connector between two elements



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Open the diagram containing the connector of interest.


Double-click the diagram name in the Project Browser, or
Make an already open diagram the 'active' diagram, by clicking on its tab in the Diagram View




Click on the connector in the diagram to select it.

The selected connector is highlighted in the diagram.





Press Ctrl+Delete
Right-click on the connector and, from the context menu, select Delete Connector
Press Delete


If  you press Ctrl+Delete, a dialog displays prompting you to confirm that you want to delete the connector (and the relationship it describes) from the model.

Otherwise, the Remove Connector dialog displays.




On the Remove Connector dialog, choose one of the options:

Hide the connector
Delete the connector from the model


Hide the connector obscures the connector on the current diagram; you cannot see it but the relationship between the two elements still exists and is shown on other diagrams containing the two elements together, and on all reports of connectors between the elements.

Delete the Connector from Model removes the relationship that exists between the two elements; the  connector is removed from the current diagram, from all other diagrams on which it is shown, and from all reports on connectors between the two elements.


Hiding the Connector



Optionally, tick the checkbox Don't ask again.

Selecting this option prevents the Remove Connector dialog from being displayed next time you select the Delete Connector command; the command uses the setting you last used on the dialog.

Make sure that you have selected the right option to use as your default.




Click on the OK button.

The connector disappears from the diagram.

If you selected Delete the connector from the model, the relationship represented by the connector is also deleted from your model.




You cannot select multiple connectors - it is only possible to select one connector at a time
If you select the Don't ask again checkbox on the Remove Connector dialog, you can reset this option on the Links page of the Options dialog (Tools | Options | Links)
Selecting the Hide the connector option in the Remove Connector dialog, has the same effect as hiding the connector on the Links tab of the source element Properties dialog, or using the Visibility | Hide Connector context menu option

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