Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Remove Elements From a Diagram

Removing an element from a diagram does not delete the element from the model and therefore does not alter the structure of the underlying model.  When you remove an element from a diagram, you are essentially 'hiding' the element in that particular view of the model.

Remove elements from a diagram



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Open the diagram that is to be modified.


Double-click on the diagram name in the Project Browser, or
Make an already open diagram the 'active' diagram, by clicking on its tab in the Diagram View





Press Ctrl+A  to select all of the elements in the diagram, or
Click on an element in the diagram to select it (and use Ctrl+Click to add further elements to your selection, or to remove elements from the selection)


The selected elements are highlighted in the diagram.





Press Delete, or
Press Ctrl+D, or
Right-click a selected element and from the context menu select Delete <element name> or Delete Selected Elements


The selected elements are removed from the diagram.




You can 'undo' the removal of a diagram element, by pressing Ctrl+Z, or by clicking the Undo button in the Default Tools toolbar