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In creating your diagrams, you can make use of a wide range of facilities to add elements and connectors to each diagram, control the diagram size and layout or presentation format, configure diagram properties and save diagram images to file.

Access     Diagram

Diagram Options




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Diagram Toolbox

Display the Diagram Toolbox, a panel of icons for creating elements and connectors on a diagram; you can select pages of icons for each UML, Extended and MDG Technology diagram type available in your project.



Diagram Toolbox

Diagram Filters

Filter the display of elements on a diagram, selecting the elements to show or hide, using the Diagram Filters window.



Diagram Filters

Diagram Layout

Reformat your diagram in one of a range of layouts, using the Layout Tools window.



Layout Diagrams

Pan and Zoom

Pan across the current diagram to display sections at greater magnification, using the Pan & Zoom window.



The Pan & Zoom Window

Find in Project Browser


Locate the current diagram in the Project Browser window.



Show Diagram As

Change the presentation of the diagram to the Diagram List format or the Gantt Chart format.


Diagram List

The Gantt View



Lock the current diagram, make it the user or model default, hide or reveal connectors, or save the diagram as a UML Pattern, from the Diagram | Advanced menu.



Diagram Advanced Menu


Save the current position of all diagram elements.




Save as Image

Save the diagram as an image in a graphics file in one of several formats, such as bitmap (.BMP), Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF) or Windows Metafile (.WMF).




Copy Image to Clipboard

Copy an image of the current diagram to the clipboard. The image can be in metafile or bitmap format; you set the format on the Options dialog.



General Options (page of Options dialog)

Swimlanes, Matrix and Kanban

Add, modify and delete swimlanes or the swimlanes matrix for the current diagram, or apply the Kanban facilities.



Swimlanes Matrix

Kanban Facilities


Repeat Last Element

Create an element of the same type as the last element created.




Repeat Last Connector


Create a connector of the same type as the last connector created.



Add Diagram Property Note

Display the properties note for the current diagram on screen.


Insert Diagram Properties Note


Snap To Grid

Show or hide the grid on the diagram, and select one of two options to position elements on the grid:

Standard Grid - constrains elements to the grid when they are added to diagrams
Smart Placement - places elements even distances away from other elements and spaces elements evenly; for Sequence diagrams, this helps position Notes on Messages

If neither of these options are enabled, the elements can be placed freely on the diagram.




Layout Diagram

Automatically lay out the current diagram.



Layout a Diagram Automatically


Change the zoom factor on the current diagram.


Pan and Zoom a Diagram



View and edit the <type> Diagram: <name> properties dialog for the current diagram.



Set Diagram Properties