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Appearance Submenu

You can customize the appearance of an individual element in a number of ways, such as changing the color of its background, borders and/or  text. These changes are applied to the selected element only, on each diagram on which it is used. For example, if the Class element Customer is used on three diagrams, and you set its background color to yellow on one diagram, all three diagrams will show the Customer Class in yellow.

Access     Element | Appearance

Element Appearance Options




See also

Default Appearance

Set the border, font and background colors and the border thickness for the selected element, as its default appearance.



Set an Element's Default Appearance


Automatically size one element or a group of elements in a diagram to the best fit.



Autosize Elements

Set Font

Change the font of the text displayed on the element in a diagram.



Set Element Font

Alternate Image

Select an alternative image for the selected element.


Using the Image Manager


Apply Image From Clipboard

Insert the image currently held on the clipboard.

(If the image is to be applied from elsewhere in Enterprise Architect, turn off the Diagram Frames     On Clipboard Images option in the Options dialog before you capture the image, to avoid having the image applied as a labeled frame.)



Diagram Options (page of the Options dialog)


You can also define the default appearance of:
The element on the current diagram only, using the Format Toolbar
All new elements, using the Diagram | Appearance page of the Options dialog
All new elements of a type, using an Element Template
Various new elements of a type, by defining the appearance in a stereotype that you apply to the element as you create it
A group of selected elements on a diagram, applying the same change to all elements in the group

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