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Inline Features Menu

When you are editing elements and their features, and if you know what to enter without being prompted by field names, you can quickly complete your work by using inline editing; that is, typing in and editing the information within the element image on a diagram. To support this, you can also use menu options to add and delete selected features, display their properties and add linked notes to the element.

Access    Element | Inline Features
(Or, to display the options on a context menu, right-click on the selected feature)

Inline Editing Options

Click on the element and then click on the attribute, operation, element name, Maintenance item or Test item on the element before displaying the menu.




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Edit Selected

Type over or delete the text of the highlighted feature.




View Properties

Open the Properties dialog containing details of the selected feature, or of the element itself if no feature is selected.




Insert New After Selected

Insert a new item in the element, of the same type as the selected feature, and immediately following the selected feature.

Type in the feature name and parameters, and press Enter.




Create Linked Note

Add a Note element linked to the selected feature, reflecting the content of that feature.


Link Note to Internal Documentation

Add Attribute

Add an attribute to the current element.




Add Operation

Add an operation to the element.




Add Other

Insert other features such as Maintenance and Testing items.

To display these features on the element, select to show the appropriate compartment on the element.




Define Element Characteristics

Delete Selected from Model


Delete the selected feature from the model.



Active keys after selecting the above options




Save current changes.



Save current changes and open a new slot to add a new item.



Cancel editing.



Display a context menu with possible parameter values.


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