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Move Objects Between Packages

When creating the various diagrams, elements and Packages that make up your model, at some point you might create one of these objects under the wrong parent Package. It is quite simple to relocate a model object from one Package to another, either to a higher level Package, a lower level Package or a different Package at the same level.

Move objects between Packages



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In the Project Browser, click and drag the model item to be relocated from its existing position, and drop it onto the new parent Package.

The dragged item and all of its child items are relocated to the target Package.




Moving elements in the Project Browser does not affect the use of elements in diagrams
Moving an element or Package has no effect on any relationships that the element, Package, or elements within the Package have
Moving a diagram generally does not affect the location of elements in Packages
However, elements of certain types, such as Initial Node,  Decision and Final Node, are used only within one diagram and have no meaning outside that diagram; if you move a diagram containing these elements, they are moved to the new parent Package with the diagram

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