Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Project Menu

As your project is developed, you need to manage that development by, for example, adding to the project structure, importing and exporting data, generating documentation, implementing version control and applying security. The Project menu provides access to a range of facilities for performing these management tasks and others.

Access    Project

Project Management Options




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Monitor work across the project in terms of the resources involved, the tasks being performed and the events scheduled, using the Project Calendar.



Project Calendar


Select a shortcut or re-use function to add stock elements to the current model, or patterns and elements for additional information, from the Resources window.





Display the glossary terms already defined in your model, in the Glossary view.



Project Glossary

Project Status

Review the tasks and issues that relate directly to the current project, and the statistics of the project, in the Project Status view.



The Project Status View

Project Gantt View

Review the allocation of work to elements in the project, focussing on either the elements that require work or the resources required to perform the work, using the Project Gantt view.



Project Task Allocation

The Gantt View

Package Baselines

Store a model branch as a snapshot or baseline of the branch content at a given time.

Available in the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions.



Manage Baselines

New Model

Add further models to your project, using the Model Wizard.



Model Wizard

New Package

Create a new Package at any level of your model.



Add a Package

New Diagram

Create a new diagram in the current package.



Add new diagrams


Generate document and web reports on your model, using options on the Documentation submenu.



Documentation Submenu

Model Validation

Set up and run validation operations, using options on the Model Validation submenu.



Model Validation Submenu

Model Import/Export

Import model content from, and export content to, XMI and CSV files, using options on the Import/Export submenu.



Model Import/Export Submenu

Publish Model

Export a package to any of a range of XML formats, using the Publish Model Package dialog.



Publish Model Package

Re-usable Asset Service

Opens the Reusable Asset Service (RAS) through which you can connect to any repository using a cloud connection over the http protocol.  The repository can hold a reusable intellectual property asset such as an industry standard, registry or framework.



Reuseable Asset Service

Version Control

Switch on, configure and validate version control of your model packages, using options on the Version Control submenu.



Version Control Submenu


Switch on, set up and manage user access permissions in your project, using options on the Security submenu.



Security Submenu


Switch on, configure and monitor change auditing, using the Audit View.



The Audit View

QA Reports & Metrics

Click on this option to compile and display a:

Testing Details report
Implementation Details report
Dependency Details report
Summary of Maintenance item properties, or
Use Case Metrics calculation

These reports are all available through the QA Reports view.



Testing Details Report

Implementation Details Report

Dependency Details Report

Maintenance Report

Estimating Project Size