Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

User Interface Customization

If you want to set up your work environment to make specific commands, windows and technologies more easily available, you can customize the various ways in which those tools and commands are selected so that your preferred options are presented together. You might set up a number of groupings, in which case you can quickly select which groups of options to apply, using the Interface Customization Wizard.

Access   Start Page: Interface Customization

Select custom options and tools



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Read the introduction to the Interface Customization Wizard, then click on the Next button.

The Select a Command Set screen displays.




In the list, click on the Command Set that defines the group of menus and options you want to have available (or accept the default of Complete - all menus and options).

Click on the Next button.

The Select a Workspace Layout window displays.


Customize Command Sets


Click on the Workspace Layout you want to apply. This displays the windows and toolbars appropriate to the tasks you intend to perform.

Click on the Next button.

The Select Active Technologies window displays.


Manage Workspace Layout


Select the checkbox against each technology you want to have available for use. You can also:

Enable all technologies, by clicking on the Select All button
Clear all current technology selections, by clicking on the Select None button

To apply your selections, click on the Finish button.


Using MDG Technologies


On any of the windows, if you decide not to process your selections click on the Cancel button

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