Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Finding Elements

When you have selected an element on a diagram, you might want to find out where it is held in the model structure, where else it is used in the model, and how to locate it easily in the future. For these operations, you can select the Find submenu.

Access     Right-click on element | Find

Find Options




See also

Locate in State Table

Locate in State Chart

For a State element, switch to the alternative diagram display format and highlight the element.




In Project Browser

Highlight the currently selected element in the Project Browser.




Locate Classifier In Project Browser

For an instance or Object, highlight the classifier for that element in the Project Browser.




Locate Operation in Project Browser

For an Action element, highlight the call operation for that element in the Project Browser.



Class Operations in Diagrams

Find in all Diagrams

List the other diagrams in which the element is also used, on the Element Usage dialog.



Show Element Use

Custom References

Identify and, if necessary, open the Properties dialog for, any elements that are the target of a cross reference from the selected element.



Set Up Cross References

Add to Favorites

Add the selected element to the Favorites folder in the Resources window.