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Edit Custom Compartment

Items listed within a Custom Compartment can also be in-place edited. They have a similar in-place editing menu as other compartment items such as Operations and Attributes within a Class.

For example: a SysML Block element can have a parts custom compartment.  In-place editing can be performed upon the Parts listed within this compartment.

In-place edit an item in a Custom Compartment



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Open the diagram containing the element.




Click on the element and on the item to change within the custom compartment.

The item line is highlighted in a lighter shade (the default is white), to indicate that it has been selected.





Right-click on the item.

The context menu displays.




Select the Edit Selected menu option, or press ( F2 ) to enable you to edit the item directly from the diagram.

The name of the item is highlighted.




Delete or type over the name.




Press ( Enter ) to accept the change, or ( Esc ) to cancel the change.




Custom Compartments such as Parts and Ports within a SysML Block also provide a Set Type command on the right-click menu to set the classifier type of the selected item.

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