Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Element Icons

When you add an element to a diagram, or select an existing element, a number of small icons display off the right hand side of the element underneath the Quicklinker arrow.

ElementIcons      or       elementicons2


These icons display small versions of the diagram toolbars or perform specific actions, to enable you to quickly edit the element you have highlighted.

You can prevent the display of these icons by deselecting the Show buttons for selected Object on diagram checkbox on the Objects page of the Options dialog.

Icon explanations



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Rotates a Fork/Join element from vertical to horizontal and vice-versa.




Displays the Format toolbar, for changing element appearance.


Format Toolbar


Displays the Current Element toolbar, to edit the element's properties and features.

Current Element Toolbar



When multiple elements are selected, displays the Diagram Toolbar for changing or aligning the elements together.


Diagram Toolbar


Toggles an Activity Partition between vertical and horizontal.


Activity Partition


Indicates that the Interaction Fragment currently contains messages; in this state you can:

Move the fragment vertically, but not horizontally; all elements and messages below the fragment move up or down by the same amount
Resize the fragment larger than the contained messages/elements, but not smaller

This is the default condition when you open or reload a diagram containing a fragment. You can click on the icon to toggle to 'move freely' mode (below).





Combined Fragment


Indicates that the Interaction Fragment can be moved independently of the Messages or other elements contained within the fragment.

This is the default condition when you first create the fragment. You can click on the icon to toggle to 'contains messages' mode (above).