Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Insert New Feature

How to

To add attributes and operations to a Class diagram element




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Open the diagram containing the element to which you are adding an attribute or operation.






Click on the element and, within the element, on the item after which to insert the operation or attribute.

The item line is highlighted in a lighter shade (the default is white), to indicate that it has been selected.





Press ( Insert ) or
Right-click on the selected element item to display the context menu and select the Insert New After Selected menu option


Enterprise Architect inserts a new data line in the diagram, underneath the selected item.




Type in the relevant information for the attribute or operation.

Use the ( Tab )  and ( Tab+Shift )  keys to move the cursor through the segments of the attribute or operation, and select the classifier from either the:

Autocompletion list (press the ( Ctrl+Space )  keys) or
Select <Item> dialog (press the ( Ctrl+Shift+Space )  keys)

Autocompletion List

Select <Item> Dialog


Press ( Enter )  to accept the change or ( Esc )  to cancel the change.

The diagram is updated to reflect the changes.