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Move Elements In Diagram Sections

As you build up a diagram, you might find that you have to move part of the diagram up, down or to one side. You can do this in one of two ways:




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Moving Elements

Hold the left mouse button down and drag over a group of elements to move (creating an outline around the elements), then click on an element in the outline and move the group as required
Press ( Alt ) and click on the diagram, then drag the cursor to move everything beyond the cursor in the direction of the movement.


The first method enables you to reposition groups of elements within the larger diagram. The second method enables you to create space within the diagram without pushing some elements into others, as might happen if you cannot see the whole diagram on one screen.

When you press ( Alt ) and click on the diagram, as you move the cursor a line displays on the diagram just behind the cursor. If you are moving the cursor left, everything to the left of the line moves with the cursor. If you move the cursor up, everything above the line moves up.

However, if you move the cursor diagonally, two lines display to create a quadrant, and everything within the quadrant moves. For example, if you move the cursor left and down, everything below and left of the cursor moves.



Fine Movement

To adjust (or 'nudge') the position of a single element or a selected group of elements, press ( Shift ) + ( " ), ( ! ), ( # ) or ( $ ).