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Create Connectors






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The list of connectors provides the most appropriate, commonly-used connectors for the source and target element types.

If you want to use a different connector, select the appropriate Toolbox page, click on the required connector and then on the source element, and drag across to the target element.

The connector does not actually establish until you release the mouse button over the target element; however, a dotted line shows where the connector would be at any point, and the solid outline of the nearest element or extension changes to a hatched outline as you move the cursor onto it - this helps you identify where the connector should connector to, if there are many closely-arranged elements, Parts, Ports and other extensions.

You can also bend the connector, pressing ( Shift ) as you drag the cursor in a new direction.

You can create a Notelink to attach a Note or Constraint to a connector, simply by dragging the Quick Linker arrow on the Note to the connector.