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Shape Editor

The Shape Editor enables a Technology Developer to specify custom shapes via a scripting language; that is, to create Shape Scripts. These custom shapes are drawn instead of the standard UML notation. Each script is associated with a particular Stereotype, and is drawn for every element of that stereotype.

Access     Settings | UML Types > Stereotypes : Assign




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The format in which the script is written.




Opens a Windows browser dialog, allowing for a script file to be loaded.




Opens a Windows browser dialog, allowing for a script file to be saved.



Edit window

The area in which a script can be written.


Writing Scripts

Preview of main

A visual representation of the compiled script. Nothing displays until the Refresh button is clicked.



Next Shape

If a composite shape is defined within the Edit Window, clicking on the Next Shape button pages through the components of the shape.




Parses your script and produces a visual example of the shape in the Preview of main window.




Exit from the Shape Editor; don't forget to save your scripts from the Stereotype tab.




Shape Scripts adopt the same color gradient settings as normal elements, as defined in the Standard Colors page of the Options dialog
If an element's appearance is modified by a Shape Script, many of the Advanced context menu options for that element are disabled
Once you have finishing writing your Shape Script, click on the OK button; to save the Shape Script you must click on the Stereotypes tab

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