Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Operation Menu - Project Browser

To display the Operation (or Method) context menu, right-click on an Operation name in the Project Browser.

A very similar menu displays if you right-click on an Attribute name in the Project Browser.





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Select this option to access a submenu of enabled Technologies on the system (for example, ArcGIS or TOGAF), each of which provides options for performing technology-specific operations on the operation.

This option is available in the Professional, Corporate and Extended editions of  Enterprise Architect.



Geodatabase Design for ArcGIS


Select this option to list the scripts enabled for execution directly from the Project Browser.

(This option does not display if no Project Browser scripts exist.)

Click on a script name to run that script.



Script Group Properties

Executable Statemachine

(For Attributes.) Select this option to access a submenu of options for treating the Attribute like an Executable Statemachine Artifact and generating code from it.



Code Generation - State Machines

Generate Code

Select this option to generate code from the operation, within its parent Class.

The Generate Code dialog displays.



Generate a Single Class

Synchronize With Code

Select this option to synchronize the operation with its code.

You can also synchronize Class elements from the source code on a diagram, and reverse engineer or forward engineer model Packages and code to synchronize them and incorporate changes made in one but not in the other.


Import Source Code

Element Options in the Project Browser

Update Package Contents


View Source Code

Select this option to open the Source Code Viewer and display the code for the operation.



Editing Source Code

Operation Properties

Select this option to display the Properties dialog for the operation, to view and edit the properties of the operations in the parent element.



General Properties of Operations

Find in all Diagrams

(For Operations.) Select this option to locate any elements derived from the operation in any diagram in the models.



Show Element Use

Copy Reference

Select this option to copy a reference to the operation to the Enterprise Architect clipboard.

Select the appropriate sub-option to copy the:

Selected hierarchy structure (node path)





Select this option to cut the operation from its current element and paste it into another element. The operation does not move from the original element until you paste it into the target.

Use the element Copy/Paste | Paste menu option to paste the operation into its new parent.





Element Copy/Paste Submenu


Not used.




Delete Operation

Select this option to delete the operation.

The operation is immediately removed from the element.





Select this option to display the Help topic for the Project Browser.





You can display an equivalent context menu for an attribute by right-clicking on the attribute in the Project Browser