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Check Out a Package

When you need to work on a version controlled package, you check it out. The local XMI file associated with the package is then checked-out from version control. No other user can check out the package to make changes to it until it has been checked in again.

Access     Project Browser | right-click package | Package Control | Check Out

Check out a single package

The package file is imported into your model, and the package icon is updated to reflect the change in the package's version control status.

When working in a Private Model, if the system detects that the package content in the model is already up to date with the latest revision of the package file retrieved from version control, then the Import Package dialog displays first.  This dialog is not displayed for a Shared Model.

The following options are available:

Force Reload From XMI - reload the package from XMI regardless of whether it is up to date or not
Accept current package - select to skip the process of re-importing the package from XMI
Refresh model view - select to to refresh the Project Browser and diagrams, by reloading the package content from the project database
Always use these settings - When selected, if you subsequently check out a package that is found to be up to date, the same settings are applied again without displaying the dialog


If you check out a version controlled package whilst offline, the package icon has a red figure 8 in front of it
If you have selected the Always use these settings checkbox and you want to reconfigure the Import Package dialog, press the Ctrl key whilst you select the Package Control | Check Out menu option; the dialog displays and you can change the settings

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