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Connect to a Project Via the Cloud

A connection to the 'Cloud' is set up once; thereafter you can open the model via the link name in the Start Page Recent list. To create the link to a project via the Cloud, you need the access URL and model name as stored on the server; if you do not have this information, see your System Administrator.

Your link name can itself be a shortcut file that you provide to other users who need not know it is a Cloud connection. The Cloud connection makes no difference to the actions of any such Project Shortcut that you create; using the shortcut users can not only access a remote project simply, but also see it opened at specific diagrams, views and/or windows.

Access     Start Page | Connect to Cloud

Connect to Your Project



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Type in a name by which you can recognize and open the model in the Recent list on your Start Page or File drop-down menu.

This name does not affect the model loaded (see Model Name, below).




Type in the address or name of the computer hosting the model.

This starts with the protocol (http:// or https://) followed by the name or IP address of the server and the port number; for example:


http://localhost :804


If you do not enter the port number, the system uses the default ports (:80 for http, :443 for https).



Model Name

Type in the model name by which the model is identified on the server.




If the host server is configured to request a username and password for authentication, you can type those values in here.

If you need to provide a user name and password and you require greater security (for example, if the password changes frequently or several users are using the connection) you can omit these values here, so that each person using this connection is prompted to provide them each time they access the model.




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