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Remove Package from Control

If required, you can remove the control from a Package. Before removing the Package control, and if it is being used for version control, you must check in the Package.

Access   Project Browser | Package Context Menu |  Package Control | Configure (Ctrl+Alt+P)

Remove control from a Package



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Select the Package and click on the Configure menu option.

The Package Control Options dialog displays.




Deselect the Control Package checkbox.

If the Package is under version control, this sets the Version Control field to (None).




Click on the OK button to remove Package control.

Package control for the selected Package has now been removed.




When disconnecting a Package from version control, the association between the Package and the exported XML file is removed from your model; however, the XML file itself is not removed from version control, nor is it deleted from your local version control working copy folder
This is because it is possible for another model to be using the version controlled Package and still referencing the associated version controlled XML file

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