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Add Run Command

This topic describes how to create a command for running your executable code.

Access    Analyzer | Execution Analyzer (Shift+F12) : New (Toolbar icon) > Run
                  Analyzer | Execution Analyzer (Shift+F12) : locate and double-click on required script > Run




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This is the command that is executed when you select the Analyzer | Run menu option; at its simplest, the script would contain the location and name of the file to be run.




The following two examples show scripts configured to run a .Net and a Java application in Enterprise Architect.







The command listed in this field is executed as if from the command prompt; as a result, if the executable path or any arguments contain spaces, they must be surrounded in quotes.




Enterprise Architect provides the ability to start your application normally OR with debugging from the same script; the Analyzer menu has separate options for starting a normal run and a debug run

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