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Realize an Information Flow

After you create an information Flow connector you might want to:

Realize one or more existing flows on the Information Flow connector
Edit an existing flow on the Information Flow connector

You might also want to create and realize information flows on a non Information Flow connector, such as a Message on a Sequence diagram. You can perform these actions using the Information Flows Realized dialog, which displays all existing flows that can be realized on the selected connector.

Access    Connector context menu | Advanced | Information Flows Realized

Review item flows on an Information Flow Connector



Realize Information Flows on the selected connector


Select the checkbox for each required flow and click on the OK button.

Cancel realization of a flow


Deselect the checkbox against the appropriate flow, and click on the OK button.

Change the classifier or Information Item elements conveyed on an Information Flow

Click on the flow text, then click on the [ ... ] button.

The Select Classifier dialog displays:

Click on a single item to select it
[Ctrl]+click on each of several items to select them all, or
[Ctrl]+click on a selected item to deselect it


Click on the OK button to return to the Information Flows Realized dialog and, if required, realize the changed flow as above.


Create a realized information flow connector on another connector

1.Right-click on the connector and select the Information Flows Realized context menu option.
2.Click on the Click to create new information flow... text. The Select Classifier dialog displays.
3.Select the required classifier or Information Item elements, and click on the OK button to return to the Information Flows Realized dialog; the selected elements are listed first on the dialog, with the activation checkbox ticked.
4.Click on the OK button to return to the diagram; the connector now displays as a realized Information Flow, with the selected classifier or Information Item elements named in the connector label.



If there are several Information flows and you do not realize all of them, those that are not realized are represented by a separate Information Items Conveyed iteration of the Information Flow connector; you can only realize those flows on the original connector, at which point the flow is represented on that original connector
If you realize all of the flows, they are combined on the one connector line
If you realize an information flow on a connector, you can use the Find Items Conveyed context menu option to locate the corresponding Information Flow item in the Project Browser

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