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Insert a new Transition

You can insert a new Transition using one of the following methods:

Right-click on the cell in which to create a Transition:
If the State Machine table format is State-Trigger or Trigger-State, the context menu lists the States you can choose as the target of the Transition; click on the required State name to create the Transition
If the State Machine table format is State-Next State, click on the Insert Transition context menu option to create the Transition
In the State Relationships page of the Toolbox, select the Transition element, then click on the cell in the State Machine table in which to create the Transition; double-click on the Transition to define it in the Transition Properties dialog


Change the Transition

As for the State Chart diagram, to change the properties of a Transition double-click the Transition cell and edit the details on the Transition Properties dialog.


State Machine Diagrams

Change Transition States

You can change the source and target of the Transition by right-clicking the Transition and selecting the Advanced | Set Source and Target context menu option.

Alternatively, you can change the Transition source, target or Trigger by clicking on the Transition and dragging it to a different cell.

If the State Machine table format is either State-Trigger or Trigger-State, you can change the target state of a Transition by:

1.Highlighting the target state name in the Transition cell and clicking on it to display a list of the states in the table.
2.Clicking on the preferred target state name.


Highlight States and Trigger Related to Transition

You can select options to highlight the source State, target State and Trigger cells associated with a Transition, using the Highlight Options panel on the State Machine Diagram: Options dialog.

When you click on the Transition cell its associated State and Trigger cells are highlighted.

Alternatively, click on the Transition cell and press and hold ( L ).


State Machine Diagram: Options