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A SysML Operational Domain Model




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The SysML Operational Domain Model defines the system's operating environment, which describes the operating conditions that the system is intended to operate within.

The following diagram shows an example Operational Domain model for a Portable Audio Player; the SysML Block Definition Diagram describes the Operational Domain (in this example - the ListeningDomain) as a system composition.




In this example, the ListeningDomain is defined as a system containing other subsystems within it; the domain contains subsystems that define the Listener (i.e. User), the Portable Audio Player, Clothing (which the user wears), and the External Environment.

Details of the ListeningDomain system are further detailed in the ListeningDomain's Internal Block Diagram:




In this example, the ListeningDomain's system's detailed composition shows how the Portable Audio Player and other sub-systems fit together to form the Listening Domain; it also describes the binding relationships between the parts, which describe how the parts are functionally bound to one another.