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Migrate SysML Model to Later SysML Version

If you have created a model (or part of a model) under an older release of SysML, you can migrate it to the next release (that is, 1.1 to 1.2, or 1.2 to 1.3) using the Automation Interface function Migrate(). This function updates the Tagged Values and, if required, stereotypes to the later release for all elements, attributes, connectors and diagrams under the selected Package or element.

Example Script for Migrating SysML 1.1 to SysML 1.2

The following VB script calls the Migrate() function to migrate the SysML 1.1 Package or element to SysML 1.2:


Sub MigrateElement (sGUID, lngPackageID)

 Dim proj as EA.Project

 set proj = Repository.GetProjectInterface

 proj.Migrate sGUID, "SysML1.1", "SysML1.2"


 'refresh the model

 If lngPackageID<>0 Then

         Repository.RefreshModelView (lngPackageID)

 End If

End Sub


Sub MigrateSelectedItem

 Dim selType

 Dim selElement as EA.Element

 Dim selPackage as EA.Package

 selType = GetTreeSelectedItemType

 If selType = 4 Then 'means Element

               set selElement = GetTreeSelectedObject

         MigrateElement selElement.ElementGUID, selElement.PackageID

         MsgBox "Element Migration Completed",0,"SysML Migration"

 ElseIf selType = 5 Then 'means Package

         set selPackage = GetTreeSelectedObject

         MigrateElement selPackage.PackageGUID, selPackage.PackageID

         MsgBox "Package Migration Completed",0,"SysML Migration"


         MsgBox "Select a Package or Element in the Project Browser to initiate migration",0,"SysML Migration"

 End If

End Sub


Sub Main


End Sub




Migrate SysML 1.1 to SysML 1.3

Migrate from SysML 1.1 to SysML 1.2, as above, then migrate from SysML 1.2 to SysML 1.3, as below.

Migrate SysML 1.2 to SysML 1.3

The MDG Technology for SysML 1.3 has a built-in script for migrating 1.2 models to 1.3. You need to enable both the MDG Technology for SysML 1.2 and the MDG Technology for SysML 1.3. Firstly, you select the SysML 1.2 Package in the Project Browser, then you open the Scripting window and open the SysML 1.3 script group, and finally you execute the Migrate script.


When migrating from SysML1.1 to SysML1.2:
The stereotype dimension is changed to quantitykind
The stereotype dataType is removed from SysML1.2
The Tagged Value dimension is migrated to quantitykind; this applies to stereotypes unit and valueType
The Tagged Value isConjugated of stereotype flowport is migrated to custom properties

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