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Show Direction on SysML 1.3 Ports

In SysML 1.3 you can show Ports, Full Ports and Proxy Ports with arrows indicating the flow direction.

Create a new port with direction arrows



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Create a Port, Full Port or Proxy Port from the Block Definition toolbox for SysML 1.3.

SysML Block Definition Toolbox



Right-click on the Port, select Advanced | Set Property Type.

The Select <Item> Dialog opens.


Select <Item> Dialog


Select a Block or Interface Block that owns one or more Flow Property elements.  Click OK.

The Port will automatically display arrows based upon the aggregated 'direction' Tagged Values of all the Flow Property elements owned by the Block or Interface Block that is set as the Property Type.

For example, if the Block contains an 'in' Flow Property and an 'out' Flow Property, the Port typed with this Block will display an 'inout' arrow.



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