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Window Portal

Provides links to the Enterprise Architect windows you use to navigate through, develop and manage your models.



Show > Portals > Window

Keyboard Shortcuts

Shift+Alt+P : Perspective drop down. | Window


Start Page | Open a Portal | Window

Navigator Toolbar : : All portals. : Perspective drop down. | Window




See also


Provides links to display the:

  • Project Browser - if the Project Browser is not currently open, this option opens it on the left of the workspace
  • Context Browser
  • Element Browser
  • Navigator
  • Resources window
  • Model Views
  • Model Search
  • File Search
  • System Output window
The Project Browser Package Browser


Provides access to these facilities:

  • Properties Window
  • Notes dialog
  • Tagged Values window
  • Summary screen
  • Document window
  • Features dialog
  • Requirements window
  • Construct screen
Add a Package Model Wizard Add New Diagrams Add Elements Directly To Packages

Specialized Tools

Provides access to these facilities:

  • Specification Manager
  • Scenario Builder
  • Constraints, through the Responsibilities window
  • Decision Table Editor
  • Database Builder
  • Schema Composer
The Database Builder Decision Models Scenarios Specification Manager - Overview The Schema Composer


Provides access to these facilities:

  • Diagram Filters
  • Pan and Zoom window
  • Diagram Layout tools


Provides access to these facilities:

  • The Traceability window
  • Relationships window
  • Relationship Matrix
  • Gap Analysis Matrix
The Relationships Window Relationship Matrix Gap Analysis Matrix Show Element Use Insert Related Elements The Traceability Window


Provides access to the team communication facilities of:

  • Finding All Reviews
  • Finding All Discussions
  • Conducting Reviews
  • Conduction Discussions
  • Model Mail
  • Calendar
  • Chat
  • Team Library


Provides the facilities to create and review Tests of all types supported by Enterprise Architect.


Provides access to these facilities:

  • Project Gantt Chart
  • Personal Gantt Chart
  • Resource List


Provides access to the facilities for recording and managing:

  • Changes
  • Defects
  • Issues
  • Tasks
  • Events
  • Decisions
  • Effort
  • Risks
  • Metrics


Provides access to the facilities for maintaining:

  • Code Engineering Templates
  • DDL Templates
  • Document Templates

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