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Search Library

The Library window provides the facility to search the titles of all Library items, to locate items referring to a specific subject.

Search the Library



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In the Library window toolbar, click on the Search (Search) icon.

The search panel displays underneath the toolbar.


In the blank field, type the text string to search for.


If required, select the 'Match Case' checkbox to locate text with the same case as the search string.


If required, select the 'Match Whole Word' checkbox to locate only complete words that match the search string.


Click on the Find button.

The search locates the first instance of the search string in the title of a Category, Topic, Document or Comment, and displays the contents of that item in the Library window.


To locate further instances of the text string, click again on the Find button.


To close the search panel, click again on the 'Search' icon in the toolbar.