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Benefits of Decision Model and Notation

There is a wide range of benefits that a team or organization can derive from using Decision Models and the associated notation to record the important decisions for an initiative, project, division or enterprise. The most compelling of these benefits is probably the ability to collect and visualize the rules in a single model and to see how they relate both to each other and to the inputs, business knowledge models and knowledge sources that are used to determine the outputs.  There is a wide range of other benefits, including the ability to generate the  implementation of the decisions in the form of programming code directly from the models. Each organization will doubtless find innumerable benefits from using both the Decision Models and the notation; this section lists some of the core benefits, including the ability to:

  • Visualize the decisions and rules
  • Simplify Business Process diagrams
  • Visualize inputs and analytics
  • Communicate shared understanding
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Discover opportunities for automation
  • Incorporate information into Architecture models
  • Create a single source of 'decision' truth
  • Simulate decision models
  • Generate programming code
  • Articulate with other models
  • Check consistency and correctness
  • Find gaps and overlaps in specifications
  • Discover errors in specifications
  • Test the models
  • Create reusable libraries of decisions