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Stereotype Selector

If you want to apply more than one stereotype to a UML object, from multiple sources such as Profiles or the Customized Stereotypes List, you can select the stereotypes from the 'Stereotypes for <object name>' dialog. This dialog also helps you to identify existing, valid individual stereotypes, and to create new stereotypes. The new stereotypes, at this point, are simple labels; if you want them to impose an Effect on the object, locate them on the 'Stereotypes' tab of the 'UML Types' dialog and define the Effect.



Display the 'Stereotype for <object name>' dialog by clicking on Browse. beside the 'Stereotype' field in the object's 'Properties' dialog or Properties window.

Select stereotypes to apply or remove




Click on the drop-down arrow and select a Perspective name, to limit the stereotypes offered for selection to those available under that Perspective.


Click on the drop-down arrow and choose the required stereotype source - an integrated MDG Technology or the base EAUML, for example, or select the blank line for your Customized Stereotypes list.

The field defaults to the last-selected Profile (if it is in the currently-set Perspective) or, if the element already has a stereotype, the Profile for that stereotype.


Select the checkbox against each required stereotype.

If you no longer want to use a stereotype, deselect the checkbox.

Apply to

Displays the types of object that the selected stereotype is assigned to.


Click on this button to create a new (but undefined) stereotype. A prompt displays for the stereotype name.


Click on this button to apply the selection.


Click on this button to cancel any selections and close the dialog.


  • If you have selected more than one stereotype, the 'Properties' dialog lists them on separate lines of the 'Stereotype' field
  • The appearance of a stereotype on an object in a diagram is influenced by the stereotype visibility settings on the 'Properties' dialog for the diagram

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