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Dynamic Chart Resources

A number of resources are available to you to aid in constructing Charts dynamically in Enterprise Architect, as described in the Resources table.




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JavaScript Library

A library of JavaScript functions, with examples of coding Charts using the Automation Interface or using JSON as a data source for Charts. This library can be found in the 'Local Scripts' group of the Scripting control in Enterprise Architect.

Scripts Tab The Chart API

Example Model

The Enterprise Architect Example Model contains a number of Chart examples, demonstrating the various types of Chart that can be created and styled dynamically when they are displayed. These are in the 'EA 15 Examples > Dynamic Charts' Package.

Examples include 3D Surface and Wireframe Charts, Stock Charts with series showing price and volume fluctuations, Box Plot Charts showing visitor numbers, Manhattan Stack Charts, and many others.

Each example is provided in two versions. The first version uses JavaScript code to style and fill the Chart. The second uses a JSON data source to describe and fill the Chart.

Chart Schemas

The Example Model contains a reference model for Dynamic Charts, including Class diagrams, a Schema Composer profile, and the JSON and XML schemas generated using the profile, as Artifacts that you can quickly view by double-clicking on them.

The Schema Composer