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Edit a Stereotype Element

If you want to add to or correct the properties of a Stereotype or Metaclass element in a Profile, you can edit it using the standard facilities such as the element 'Properties' dialog and the 'Tags' tab. However, you can also update the Stereotype element through the Profile Helper 'Stereotype Properties' dialog and, through the Stereotype, also update the Metaclass elements that the Stereotype extends.

Any changes you have made to the elements by other means, such as through the element 'Properties' dialog, are reflected in the contents of the Profile Helper.


Context Menu

Right-click on Stereotype element | Edit with Profile Helper

Edit the Stereotype element



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The 'Stereotype Properties' dialog defaults to the 'General' tab. On this tab you can:

  • Change the Stereotype element name
  • Add further Metaclass elements to be extended by this Stereotype element
  • Add or change values for the attributes of the Stereotype element
  • Add or change values for the attributes of each Metaclass element
Add Stereotypes and Metaclasses using Profile Helpers


Click on the 'Tagged Values' tab. On this tab you can:

  • Edit the default value of a tag
  • Add a new tag of one of a range of types
  • Create a tag group
  • Assign or reassign a tag to a group
  • Remove a tag group
  • Delete a Tagged Value from the Stereotype


Click on the 'Shape Script' tab. On this tab you can:

  • Add a Shape Script (if one does not exist)
  • Edit the existing Shape Script using the Shape Editor


When you have finished editing the Stereotype element, click on the OK button.

The Profile Class diagram redisplays, with the edited elements showing the changes you have made.

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