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Discussion Summary in WebEA

A summary of Enterprise Architect's Discussions can be accessed within WebEA, allowing you to quickly view discussions that have occurred recently, all from the convenience of your web browser.

When enabled, the Discussion Summary can be accessed via the 'Discussions' tab on the Collaborate screen, which is accessible by the speech bubble icon in the header.

Discussion Summary

The 'Discussions' tab of the Collaborations window provides these features and options.

Discussion History

The right hand side of the Discussions window displays a summary of discussions made on elements within the model, organized by date. The details displayed will included the date/time of the discussion, element's name, the discussion text, who posted the discussion and its status. The summary does not list discussions concerning diagrams.

Selecting an object in the list will display its details in the properties area (on the left side).

Properties and Discussions

The left hand side of the Discussions window displays the main properties of the selected object along with the discussions that have been added against this object.

Discussion Timeframe

Click on the Discussion Timeframe button to select the timeframe for the recent items in the Discussion History list.

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