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Impact Panel

A model is a structure of Packages and elements, most of which have interactions with each other at various levels. The 'Impact' panel provides a set of facilities for establishing how the objects interact and - equally important - where actions and interactions are missing.

Available Facilities



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Click on this icon to follow the connections in a chain of elements, starting with a single element to establish the dependencies radiating from that element, using the Traceability window.

The Traceability Window


Click on this icon to examine how sets of elements in one Package are linked to each other, or to elements in another Package, using the Relationship Matrix. You can also add and delete relationships using the Matrix. Select options to set the current Package as the source, target, or both.

Relationship Matrix

Gap Analysis

Click on this icon to explore the implementation of features in the model, and to identify potential gaps between solution architectures, using the Gap Analysis Matrix.

Gap Analysis Matrix


Click on the drop-down arrow to display a short menu of options for working with Decision Tables for the selected element.

  • Manage Decisions - create and configure a simple Decision Model for the current element, using the Decision Table Editor
  • Find Decisions - locate and list all elements that contain Decision Tables
  • Help - display the top-level Help topic on Decision Models
Decision Models Decision Table Editor

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