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Exclude Filters

As you specify the output of your report, you might want to exclude objects of a specific type. You can do this using the 'Exclude Filters' tab, through which you can select to exclude from your report one or more:

  • Types of element
  • Types of connector, and/or
  • Types of diagram

You can select the objects in one of two ways:

  • Click on the All button underneath the appropriate panel, to exclude every type of element, connector or diagram, and then Ctrl+click on the individual types that you DO want to include in the report, or
  • Click on the None button underneath the appropriate panel to clear all selections (which includes the objects of every type in the report) and then Ctrl+click on each type of object that you do NOT want to show in the report


  • If you want to specifically include or exclude elements on the basis of their specific properties or features, rather than their type, use the 'Element Filters' and 'Other Filters' tabs
  • Filters set in a template operate only on that template, and do not operate on subtemplates and template fragments inserted into the template; to filter the subtemplates, set the filter within each one

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