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Joomla! Content Templates

You can use the Joomla! Content Template Editor to customize the content of published Joomla! Articles.


On the 'Publish as Joomla! Article' dialog, click on the 'Content Template' Browse. button


Publish > Model Reports > HTML > Publish to Joomla!     or

Specification-Specify > Element > Documentation > Publish as Joomla! Article

Manage Joomla! Content Template



Content Template

Lists the available Content Templates. The <default> template is a predefined system template that is protected from editing and deletion. You can copy it to create new Content Templates.

Clear checkboxes for properties not to be published

This panel displays a full list of the object types that are supported as content. You can click on the expansion box against an object type to display the properties of that type. Clear the checkbox against each object or property that you do not want to include in the Joomla! Articles.


Click on this button to save any changes you have made to the selected content template.

Save As

Click on this button to save the changes you have made under a different template name (that is, copy the selected template).


Click on this button to delete the selected template.


Click on this button to close the 'Joomla! Content Template' dialog.


Click on this button to display this Help topic.

The 'Joomla! Content Template' dialog

The tempalte used to define the content reported from Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect into a Joomla web page.

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