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Tables are the fundamental database object, and Constraints and Indexes (and their properties) are the second most frequently modified Table feature updated and changed by data modelers, therefore the 'Constraints/indexes' page is conveniently located as the second page of the Database Builder's interface.

Once a Table is selected in the Database Builder's tree, the 'Constraints/Indexes' page is populated with the currently defined list of constraints and indexes for the selected Table. The data modeler can then make changes to main properties directly in the list. As the data modeler selects individual constraints or indexes in the list, the constraint's extended properties (and Comments) are shown immediately under the list, allowing modification of these extended properties.

Showing the Constraints/Indexes tab of the Database Builder, in Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect.

This figure show the Database Builder interface showing the tree of objects and the Columns tab showing the Columns for the selected table.


  • The 'Constraints/Indexes' page will only be populated when a Table item in the Database Builder's tree is selected