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Chat History

On the Chat & Mail window, the 'Chat History' tab lists the Chat conversations that you have been a party to. These conversations can be between yourself and one other user, or those where you have participated in a Chat with one or more members of a user group. A user in the Admin user group can open any other Chat user group and join the Chat of that group, without being a defined member. So even though I'm not a member of, say, Team Green, if I am a member of Admin I can still join that Chat group.

The 'Chat' tab defaults to the 'Summary' list (no timeframe), showing the last conversation you have had with each user or user group you have communicated with, and the last of your correspondents to send or receive a post in that conversation.

  • For a non-Admin user these Chats will be within the User Groups for which you are a defined member
  • For an Admin user the Chats will be from every User group

A red arrow next to the user's name indicates that the person sent you a message, and a green arrow indicates that you sent a message to that person - the icons are very visible and enable you to tell at a glance which conversations might require a response from you.

You can change the focus of the list by right-clicking on the panel and selecting the 'Visible Timeframe' option, then selecting to list all conversations from today, or from the last 7, 30 or 90 days. For an Admin user, the list of Chats is now confined to those groups that you are a defined member of. The tab then shows the number of messages posted in each conversation - in the 'Total' column - and the names of the participants and the number of posts made by each person - in the 'Participants' column. You can also double-click on an item to display the complete conversation in the Chat & Mail window, as long as the window has been set to display posts from the appropriate number of days in the past.

Both Summary and Visible Timeframe options will include recent Chats in conversations between single users.

For further information on Model Chats, see the Model Chat Help topic.


When the Chat & Mail window 'Chat History' tab displays, it lists the items in which activity has occurred in date/time order. The items for today are listed first, in the Today group, followed in sequence by the items active Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month and Last Month.

The 'Chat History' tab automatically refreshes after a short interval, which you define. You might notice the window flicker when it refreshes.

The tabs default to displaying a number of columns, as shown in the earlier illustration, but you can remove information you don't need by dragging column headings out, and add information by right-clicking on the heading row, selecting the 'Field Chooser' option and dragging additional column headings into place. You can also filter the display according to field value, and regroup the items by setting up a group and subgroup hierarchy in the Group Box. For more information on tailoring the headings and content, see the List Header Help topic.



See also


This option opens the 'Chat' tab of the Chat & Mail window and displays the topics for the selected Chat.

Model Chat

Visible Timeframe

Select this option to display a short menu of numbers of days, from which you can select a value to list items recorded up to that many days in the past. You can therefore expand or reduce your list of posted messages.

Check for Update Every

This option displays a short menu of time options - 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes - as the interval between automatic refreshes to pick up new postings. Click on the interval you want to apply.


This option will refresh and redisplay the currently-selected tab of the Chat & Mail window. You can also press F5 to refresh the contents of the window.

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