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Company Overview
Sparx Systems New Zealand satisfies the growing need of New Zealand’s software and business community by providing regional support and a distribution base for Sparx Systems’ premier modeling platform, Enterprise Architect and its related products.

Of additional benefit to New Zealand’s Enterprise Architect community is the founding, by Sparx Systems New Zealand, of the Enterprise Architect User Group (EAUG). An open forum that encourages participation by local and international Enterprise Architect users, the aim of the User Group is to create more effective deployment of Enterprise Architect through shared knowledge and innovation amongst participants.

Sparx Systems New Zealand and details of the Enterprise Architect User Group are available from:

User Base
Sparx Systems currently has a registered user base of over 150,000 licenses worldwide. The user base enjoys strong support in New Zealand where it is utilised by a wide range of companies from large, well-known, multi-national organisations to many smaller independent companies and consultants. Solutions provided by Sparx Systems are used by a wide range of industries in New Zealand, including: health, government, finance, transport, aviation, IT systems design & management, telecommunications and many more.

General Enquiries
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