A Fresh New Look
Enterprise Architect 13.5

Building on the extensive feature set of version 13, Enterprise Architect 13.5 empowers
enterprise teams with the new Pro Cloud Server and powerful enhancements for team-based
modeling and design, web and mobile users, cloud-based project management and more.

Enterprise Architect 13.5

Formal Reviews

A powerful yet simple mechanism for capturing and managing Element discussions in a team based environment.

This feature is an extension to the existing Element Discussions by providing a structured process around creating, reviewing and actioning those conversations.


  • New 'Review' Toolbox, Element and Diagram type
  • Discussion Window renamed to 'Reviews & Discussions' with a new tab 'Reviews'. This window will be the focal point for creating, managing and reviewing Formal Reviews
  • New tab 'Reviews' added to the Docked 'Discussion' for creating Formal Review topics and discussing them
  • Priority status added to Review and Normal Discussion topics
  • User Avatars can now be assigned. These are displayed in model chat, discussion and review windows
  • Full integration with the Pro Cloud Server and WebEA

Navigation Cells

A new way to navigate a model using Diagrams.

  • Creates attractive hyperlinks using an image and label
  • Improves ability to navigate a model in both EA and using WebEA from a mobile or desktop device
  • Create a Navigation Cell by dragging a Diagram from the Project Browser onto a Diagram
  • Navigation Cells created will display as a simplified version in older builds
  • Latest Example Model has been updated to use Navigation Cells
  • Perfect for creating engaging diagram user interfaces for the Pro Cloud Server

Time Aware Modeling

Model your current, future and alternate future architectures without destroying your current state architecture with the use of Time Aware Modeling.

  • Clone Element as New Version attempts to resolve the cloned element into a matching Package structure
  • Context menu option added to easily upgrade a linked Diagram Object to a new version of a cloned Element
  • Clone Structure as New Version clones the Package objects current state including Tagged Values, Linked Document and more
  • Clone Element as New Version maintains reference classifier IDs
  • Clone Structure as New Version adheres to the current security permission settings
  • Clone Structure as New Version creates a Trace Connector between packages to provide version history
  • Time aware modeling - Clone Element as New Version, clones Element hierarchy


ArchiMate 3.0 Model Exchange File Format import and export now available

  • Traceability window now displays customized labels for ArchiMate 3.0 relationships
  • Other MDG Technologies can use this extension by adding _MeaningForwards and _MeaningBackwards properties to the metatype for their stereotypes


  • Corrected read of addins when default value exists for HKEY_CURRENT_USER
  • Java API updated

Other Changes

  • MariaDB ODBC driver now supported
  • Document generation now provides new report constant: ReportFilenameShort
  • Package Browser and Gantt View context menu option added for opening the selected Package as a list or Gantt view
  • DB Explorer window now supports reload using tab context menu
  • XMI export performance improved for models with test points defined
  • Saving of cached images and documents for WebEA improved
  • New project option added to set the minimum build number required to access a project


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