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Ada 2012 Code Engineering
Advanced UML 2.5 Modeling
Allocated Work
ArchiMate 2.0
Archimate 3 Support
Audit Model Changes
Auto Create Diagram Image Map
Automation API
NEW Azure icon set
v15 AWS icon set
Baseline Diff/Merge
BPEL Generation from BPMN diagrams
BPEL 2.0 Generation
BPMN 2.0
BPMN Simulation
v14 BPSim Modeling & Simulation Built-in
v15 BMM Profile
Business Process Modeling
Business Rules Composer
v14 Case Management (CMMN)
NEW Cephes Math Library
Chart External Models
Charts and Dashboards
v14 Cloud Connectivity with Firebird (feap) repositories
Cloud Connectivity
Code Engineering
Common Property Dialog
v15 Construct View
v14 Context Browser
v15 Custom Drawing Style
Custom Progress Bars
v15 Custom Reports
v15 Custom Tables
Customized Model Patterns
NEW Dashboard Views
v15 Data Miner
Database Engineering
Database Engineering DB Builder
DBMS Repository (Note 2)
Debugging of Jscript, VBScript and JavaScript
Debug & Visualize Applications
Debug using JDWP protocol
v14 Decision Model and Notation (DMN) - Modeling
v14 Decision Model and Notation (DMN) - Simulation
Default Document Handler
v14 Diagram Discussions
Diagram Filters - Filtering on Tagged Values
v14 Diagram Inline Specification View
v15 Diagram Matrix View
Diagram Theme/Visual Style
Diagram Legends Auto Coloring
v15 DMN Decision Service
v14 Docked Property Windows (all major modeling components)
Document Fragments in Reporting
NEW Dynamic Charts
Dynamic Documents
Element Discussions
Element List (Tabular Editing)
Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
Executable Code Generation from Behavioral Models
Executable State Machines
Execution Analyzer Menu
Export Model Reference Data for Calender events, Team Review, Gap Matrix Profiles, and Patterns
v14 External Data Source Integration (Note 4)
v15 Feature Matrix
Firebird Repositories
Floating Edition Available
Gantt Charts
Gap Analysis
GML 3.3 and 3.2.1
v15 Google Cloud Platform icon set
Hand Drawn Mode
Heat Maps
Hybrid Scripting
Info View
Integrated Project management using Kanban
v14 Interaction Flow Modeling Language (IFML)
Kanban Diagrams
Lazy Load
Learning Center
Linux & macOS installation via WINE
Linux satellite service
v15 MARTE Profile
Math Support built into Script Engines
NEW MATLAB Support (via Solvers)
MDG Technologies (Create) (Note 1)
Metadata/Repository Advanced Search
v14 Metamodel Views
Mind Mapping
v15 Model Based Add-ins
Model Chat
Model Driven Architecture (MDA)
v14 Model Guidance Patterns
Model Mail
v14 Model Pattern Library
Model Repository (EAP & FEAP Project Files)
v14 Mono debugger
v15 Native XML export
Navigation Bar
New Report Templates
v14 NIEM 4
NEW Octave Support (via Solvers)
Office 2016 Visual Style
Package Menu
v14 Perspectives
v14 Personal Daily Journal
Portals Window
Profile Authoring Helpers
v14 Program Memory Profiler
v14 Program Stack Profiler
v15 Project Browser Favorites
Project Management, Maintenance and Testing Windows
Project Gantt View
PDF Report Generation
Personal Tasks View
Profile/Metamodel Extensibility
Project Calendar
Project Tasks
Publish to Joomla!
Real-Time, HDL Code Engineering and Profiles
Relationship (Traceability) Matrix
Relationship Matrix Textual Overlays
Replicate .EAP Projects
Report Generation: HTML and Rich-Text
Report Customization: WYSIWYG Template Editor (for Rich-Text Reports)
Requirements Management
Reverse Engineer Binaries (Java, .NET)
Reverse Engineer User Defined Languages
Reusable Asset Service (Read)
Reusable Asset Service (Write)
Roadmap Diagrams
v14 Roadmap Patterns & Profile
Ribbons Interface
Risk, Task and Image Objects
RTF Reporting API
State Machines Code Generation
Save Diagrams as PDF
Schema Composer
Scripting with JScript, VBScript and Javascript
Security (Role-based)
v15 Security Aware Perspectives
v14 Semantic Information Modeling for Federation SIMF
Shape Scripts/Customization
Shared Models
NEW Simscape Integration
Simulation of Object Instances
NEW Simulink Integration
NEW Solver Classes
SOMF 2.1
Specification Manager
Statechart Editor
NEW Stateflow Integration
SysML 1.4, 1.3, 1.2, 1.1
v14 SysML 1.5 - Modeling
v14 SysML 1.5 - Simulation with OpenModelica
SysML Parametric Model Simulation
SysML Simulation with OpenModelica
NEW SysPhS Support
Task Allocations
v14 Team Library
Test Management
Testpoints for VB.NET
Time Aware Modeling
Total User Interface Themeing
TOGAF Gap Analysis
UML Model Simulation (Activity, Sequence, State) (Note 3)
User Interface Simulation
v15 Value Delivery Modeling Language (VDML)
Version Control Integration
Version Control TFS 2010, 2012 Support
Virtualized Ends
Visual Studio / Eclipse Links
Win 32 User Interface Designs
Working Sets
WSDL Engineering
XMI Import and Export (2.1, 1.2, 1.1, 1.0)
XML and XSD Editing and Validation
XMI Merge using Baseline Merge sets
XML Schema (XSD) Engineering
XSLT Debugger
WAN Optimizer
BPSim Modeling & Simulation Included MDG Products
DDS Included MDG Products
DOORS Link (Note 5) Included MDG Products
Eclipse Integration Included MDG Products
Eclipse Link Included MDG Products
Microsoft Office Included MDG Products
SysML Included MDG Products
TOGAF Included MDG Products
Visual Studio Integration Included MDG Products
Visual Studio Link Included MDG Products
UPDM Included MDG Products
Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) Included MDG Products
Zachman Included MDG Products

Download the comparison table as a PDF



      1.   Separately sold MDG Technologies may require an additional license.
      2.   Supported DBMS include: MSSQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MSDE, Adaptive Server Anywhere
      3.   Manual simulation support in Professional edition, automated simulation support in Corporate edition and above.
      4.   Provides client access to the external data source. A separate license may be required for the data source, such as an Enterprise Architect Pro Cloud Server instance.
      5.   Separately installed MDG Technologies, fully functional in the specified editions.